Gas Lines Guelph Services

Our Gas Lines Guelph Services Leave Nothing To Chance.

When you’re dealing with gas lines Guelph services that include installation and repairs, it’s critical that you can trust everything will be done right the first time so you and your family are safe and secure in your own home. That’s why when you’re searching on the Internet for a complete HVAC company that can look after everything to do with heating and cooling your environment, One Stop Mechanical is the logical choice for this critical aspect and everything else under one umbrella.

One Stop Mechanical understands people want top-notch services whether they are ordering gas lines Guelph installations and/or repair or a new air-conditioning unit for the home or office. The way we see it, the more we can do for our commercial and residential clients, the more we understand about the complete HVAC picture they need in their living and working environments to be healthy, happy and productive.

That said, here’s a few things that we think separate our gas lines Guelph services from the competition:

  • We can offer a personalized service where our product trained technicians have over 20 years of experience. That aspect is critical to building a relationship on trust and credibility because we are always looking to add to our expanding list of past satisfied clients.
  • It’s also important to realize that we pride ourselves on not only servicing our own equipment but the other brand names that are popular on the market today. If you stop for a moment to take a look at our website you’ll see the valuable associations we’ve built up with some of the brand names in the HVAC world like York and Luxaire. We want to be sure that nothing is left to chance including installations and repair of the top brands in the industry.
  • One Stop Mechanical also offers comprehensive warranties that we think are some of the best in the business. These are designed to cover both parts and labor from anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

One Stop Mechanical’s gas lines Guelph services are designed and executed so that your family can rest easy at night knowing they are safe and secure in their own home. For the last 16 years we have been providing the most affordable and professional services for your home or business that include all aspects of a complete HVAC system.

Gas Lines Cambridge

We supply gas lines Cambridge with great safety tips

It stands to reason that when you want something as potentially dangerous as gas lines Cambridge installed or repaired for the home or office, you want to be sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. That’s where we come in at One Stop Mechanical since we have the team that can get the job done right to your specifications. Our only mission statement centers around 100% client satisfaction. We stand behind all of our work with a thirty day labor warranty on parts and installations and a five year warranty on all the new installations that we do.

That’s good to know when you’re looking at having gas lines Cambridge installed. We want you to understand everything that you need to about having this important aspect of your HVAC installed or repaired and what you need to do to make sure everything goes along smoothly during these projects.

For example:

  • Its important to us that you understand how to protect you and your family against the dangers of CO2 poisoning. First and foremost, you should start by getting an annual inspection of all of the fossil fuel burning appliances you have in your house. There are several ways that you can get dangerous rising levels of carbon monoxide and poorly maintained fuel-burning appliances is one of the major causes as well as blocked vents and chimneys. One Stop Mechanical is proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who are product trained so they understand the intricacies of each of the appliances that you have that burns fossil fuels.
  • It’s also great idea to have a CO2 alarm on each floor of your house. Remember to open doors and windows if any one of the alarms goes off to let fresh air in and if any member of the family shows symptoms of CO2 poisoning, you should phone 911 or the fire department immediately.

One Stop Mechanical is dedicated to the safe and efficient installation of gas lines Cambridge. We’re proud of the fact that we use top-of-the-line diagnostic tools and if we need a part we will go and pick it up at no extra cost to you. Our services and pricing are all transparent and customer centric because we’d like to add you to the growing list of the past satisfied clients we have been constantly adding to.

Pool heaters Guelph

Pool heaters Guelph and outstanding customer service too.

One Stop Mechanical is the only place that you’ll need to shop for pool heaters Guelph that are efficient, can help to lower your heating bills and at the same time make your summertime adventures with friends and family memorable. We’re specialists in maintenance, installation and repairs of these important parts of your outdoor pool experience and it’s good to remember that the average pool has more than 25 burners that only can be serviced properly by experts so they can continue working in premium condition.

It’s important to keep in mind that as the weather gets warmer you need to call us because our experienced technicians can clean out your pool heater and remove all the debris that’s gathered there over the non-use months. Of course it’s important for you to get the most experienced professionals on your side to service your pool heaters and since we do over 250 of these jobs a year and have access to a wide range of new pool heaters, there’s no need for you to look anywhere else for complete sales and service.

Pool heaters Guelph Preventative Maintenance

We also pride ourselves on being experts in preventative maintenance because we are committed to 100% customer service and that includes keeping your HVAC system running at peak efficiency for as long as possible. Along with the excellent work we can do for your Guelph pool heaters in the way of heading off problems, One Stop Mechanical is also proud of the great variety of commercial HVAC possibilities we offer our valued clients. Not only can you count on us for the latest and most innovative solutions when it comes to HVAC for any and all of your commercial needs, we place a special emphasis on energy efficiency too.

Keep in mind when it comes to Guelph pool heaters we’re the experts that you can count on for outstanding sales and service as well as expert advice. You just won’t get the same high level of customer service from any of your local pool stores. We are the heating experts that are here to make sure you enjoy every moment of this summer and many more in the future. Why not get in touch with us today so that we can fill you in on our great lineup of outstanding services that include a variety of top name pool heaters and preventative maintenance scheduling that will keep them working for seasons to come?

Pool Heaters Cambridge

Pool Heaters Cambridge And So Much More

Starting the search for pool heaters Cambridge can be intimidating if you’re not sure how to get going and what to look for once you get rolling. Here at One Stop Mechanical we have over twenty years of experience serving our valued clientele and we understand that our best customer is a well informed one. That’s why not only do we want to be your one stop shop for pool heaters Cambridge maintenance, installation and repairs but we also would like to share some helpful tips on getting the most from pool heating in general.

Of course we’re the experts that understand all aspects of all the brand name pool heaters that get the job done, but we also understand there might be some questions about how and why these are important parts of your pool experience.

Our heating and air conditioning services are top notch and we look after a complete line of equipment that includes pool heaters as well as water heaters, gas fireplaces and everything in between. However, when it comes to pool heaters Cambridge we want our customers to understand everything about this vital piece of pool equipment.

Did you know that:

You can extend the swimming season with a good pool heater? Although there might be some in your family that might like things warmer like the elderly or even smaller children, many studies have shown that 78 degrees F or 25 degrees C is the best temperature for most of us. Of course the lower your comfort level, the smaller your energy bills. It’s important to get the right heater that meets your needs and then learn what the optimal temperature where you can also save on heating bills will be. Why not let us show you how a larger heater doesn’t necessarily mean higher bills?
Remember that the pool heaters Cambridge we supply will heat your pool and afford you and your family seasons of enjoyment around the water. However, you need to remember that any repairs and maintenance need to be done by the professionals with the right training.

One Stop Mechanical understands the need for excellent services when it comes to the maintenance, installation and repairs of our products. We make it our business to make sure you and your family are safe and comfortable whether you’re looking for pool heaters Cambridge or any one of a number of excellent HVAC possibilities.

Fireplaces Guelph Installation & Repair

Fireplaces Guelph is just one of the things we do.

Having a dedication to sales and service is one of the things that we’ve built our business on here at One Stop Mechanical, and that goes for our fireplaces Guelph selections too. We’ve been in business for the last 16 years making a tremendous reputation for ourselves based on outstanding customer service as well as installations and repair. When you’re looking for personalized service at affordable rates, we deliver the one-two punch with excellent precision.

One of the ways that you know a business is successful whether they are looking at installation and repairs for fireplaces Guelph or a host of other HVAC related products, is by the number of years they’ve managed to stay in business. One Stop Mechanical is proud of the fact that they been serving area residents for the last 16 years and Erik, the owner, has an outstanding story that mirrors the company’s dedication to affordability and high quality work.

As an immigrant from the Netherlands who has made it big in a hard and competitive Canadian industry, Erik is a living example of how classic positive traits like hard work and dedication to customer service pays off in the long run. His website is transparent in that he lets his clients know just what to expect from his outstanding services including the five-year warranty he offers.

If you take a moment to look at the website you’ll see that he has been able to associate his workmanship and exemplary client service with some of the top names in the HVAC industry and the brands that everyone has come to know and trust as the best possible choices. Whether you’re looking for fireplaces Guelph products or something for another season, Erik has brought his company to its present success and he has future plans for more or the same.

It’s clear after looking at the company website for even just a few minutes that Eric and his outstanding team that are highly trained, insured and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction for each and every job they do.

When you contact him about the fireplaces Guelph selections that he has on hand, make sure to ask about their preventative maintenance specials since they can save you a ton of money in the long run. One Stop Mechanical is the clear one stop shop for a variety of different HVAC products and services including of course the finest selection of fireplaces Guelph products that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

Fireplaces Cambridge Installation & Repair

We supply fireplaces Cambridge units that are second to none.

One of the first things that you think about when you’re looking at getting fireplaces Cambridge products is convenience. When you decide to hire us on, you’re getting over twenty years of experience with the top name brands and service technicians that are highly trained and dedicated to 100% client satisfaction.

Installation and repairs are old hat to us here at One Stop Mechanical. When you take a look at some of the brand names we’ve associated ourselves with like Honeywell and York, you’ll see very quickly that we have the respect of some of the top names in the HVAC industry. Of course we like to think of our valued customers as family and for that reason we’d like to offer up a few fireplace safety tips that you can memorize so those warm nights around the lovely embers are secure and safe for you and your loved ones.

  • First off you need to understand that conversions from wood to gas burning fireplaces are best done by professionals. Remember that any time you install a gas burning appliance anywhere in your home, there’s always the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning so it’s best to have it done by the professionals who are fully licensed and understand the intricacies of each and every job.
  • Remember that we’re the contractors that understand the requirements as far as your municipality goes as well. The Cambridge fireplaces we install are all fully compliant with the municipalitie’s regulations and codes so your experience will be nothing but pleasurable.
  • Although we are the experts at fireplaces Cambridge installation and repairs services, it’s also very important to us that our valued clients install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of their house. This colorless odorless gas won’t be a problem with any of the fireplaces that we install and repair, but there are other ways CO2 can creep into your home.

Here at One Stop Mechanical, we supply the fireplaces Cambridge that are second to none, but that’s not everything we do. When you take a look at our website you’ll see that we have a variety of different commercial and residential HVAC features for you to look at that also include furnaces and air conditioners. Why not take a few moments to look over what we have to offer and then maybe you’ll add your name to our growing list of satisfied clients.

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My personal testimonial: I used “Cover Free” in my own pool last year and I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It dropped my chemical use by 60 %. I went to New Brunswick for 12 days and the pool never needed water or chemicals during this period. Absolutely amazing!!  My neighbours have caught on too and are ready to throw their solar blankets out! No more need for a solar blanket once you start using this. Two bottles a year will do most pools.

Erik, Owner ~ One Stop Mechanical

19 Seaton Cres, Bloomingdale, Ontario, N0B 1K0

Ph: (519)579-0495 Fax: (519)579-5148


Pool heater season is around the corner.

Spring is around the corner; warm weather will get us outside and once again we will open our pools, or get ready for that new pool install.

Is this the year that you have decided to add a heater to your pool?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a pool heater. What kind do I buy; Gas, Electric, Solar. How long do I want my pool season to be? What does it cost to run? Which heater is better? Outside vs. inside. Saltwater pool vs. chemical pool.

A gas heater is by far the fastest and most reliable source of heating your pool, extending your pool season the longest! Solar usually roof mounted, effects roof shingle life! Electric Heat pump, low heat value, very expensive to operate!

Heater sizes vary and range from 100000 Btu for small pools to 400000 Btu and up for larger residential pools and gas consumption increases by size.  We can help you choose one that will satisfy your individual needs.

Did you know that when replacing your old pool heater with a bigger one could actually save you money on your gas bill? Contact us and we will tell you how.

At One Stop Mechanical, we prefer the Raypak digital pool heater. The Raypak digital is extremely easy to operate it has a digital display (no guess work setting temperature), auto start (no lighting pilot), self-diagnostic, condensation free operation (built in thermostat), stainless steel burners, hooks up right or left, available with heavy duty ‘cupro nickel heat exchanger’.  Looking for a different heater? No problem we have a variety of brands to offer.

At One Stop Mechanical, we can help you pick the right pool heater for your pool. We do it all from plumbing to gas hookup to electrical, all done by code and local bylaw!




Maintenance and Service of your pool heater:

Maintenance and Service of your pool heater:

It is the beginning of the season, your pool is full, pump is running and you’re ready to turn your heater on.

Many will call a service technician to inspect and light the unit and this is the right thing to do, as heaters sit idle during the ‘off-season months’. Critters and spiders might have found your heater a perfect place to nest or make a cocoon inside of the burners,  and any of these conditions could produce a very dangerous situation! (Most pool heaters have in excess of 25 burners).

Before lighting the unit yourself, check the unit throughly:

  • remove the chimney and check the top of heat exchanger
  • remove debris if any, and if indoors
  • also check for debris on top of draft hood (the bell part above heater)
  • remove the front cover, check for debris around burners (TIP -‘ seeds’ usually spells …critters, spider webs, spiders.)

The next step is to light the heater.


Once lit, observe all burners and make sure they are burning evenly !


Some important things to remember:

  • Never use pool cleaner when operating heater (debris and reduced water flow adversely affect heater)
  • Turn pool heater off a minimal 30 minutes before back-washing. (Heater must cool down before water flow is diverted)
  • When adding large amounts of chemicals in pool, turn heater off until water reaches stable reading (minimal 8 hrs.)  Never put pucks in skimmer!!!!
  • Avoid having a timer installed to reduce pump usage; chemicals attack the copper tubing of the heat exchanger due to concentrating of chemicals by non-movement! This is no different for saltwater pools!

At One Stop Mechanical, we can assist you in keeping your equipment in top operating condition. We repair and service all name brand pool heaters (250+ heaters a season). We are also your headquarters for new heaters.

Need a new pump? Contact us, we do them to, repair or replace!


One Stop Mechanical wishes everybody a safe summer with lots of splash.

Contact us,

We will be glad to help to make your season a success.