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Heating season has arrived!

Heating season has arrived!


Heating season has arrived!

In Canada, we heat our homes for 6 months out of the year just to stay comfortable. Hence, our heating systems need to be functioning for long periods of time causing wear and tear. Like cars and other mechanical equipment, maintenance is a vital part of seamless and continuous operation of your heating equipment.

Things you can do yourself to keep your heating system running:

–       Change filters regularly. If using a media filter, use a pleated filter. Some media filtration does not need replacement for up to 6 months, making it easy to forget. Try to check regularly. Depending on the amount of people in residence and personal lifestyle, changes may have to be more frequent. Remember, not changing your filter on a timely basis may cause overheating and equipment damage and could result in possible costly repairs.

What if I need a new Furnace/Boiler?

–       Most people, when replacing their heating system, rely on a heating contractors opinion. With so many name brands to choose from, which one is right for you? Do you buy only brand names you know? Some salesmen will offer you many of incentives like manufacturers rebates or in some cases even free equipment like air conditioners with purchase of furnace. These are nothing but sales gimmicks. It is a way of attracting you to something that really isn’t a deal. For instance, the free air conditioner with the purchase of a furnace. The advertised furnace and the air conditioner would not be big enough for a home over 1000 square feet. At One Stop Mechanical we sell Luxaire furnaces, made by York. Just like many manufacturers, York produces a variety of brand name furnaces, all using the same parts, only exterior finish make the furnace look different. For example, you can go to a retail store and buy a Coleman furnace, which is identical to a York Furnace; the only difference is the name. The Coleman furnace at these retail stores has inflated pricing. At One Stop Mechanical, there are no gimmicks. If we give you an estimate, we stick to it. Our Luxaire equipment is backed by a 10 year parts manufacturers warranty and a lifetime warranty on both heat exchangers. We are so confident our equipment will give you years of continuous operation that with every new instillation we give you two years labor for free! Our furnaces start at $2800.00 +HST installed and our air conditioners start at $2000.00 +HST installed.

What to look for when you need service:

–       As you might have looked for service, you have probably found out that some companies charge a service call, some companies charge a reduced service call, some companies charge equipment charges.

What makes us different?

–       At One Stop Mechanical, you can be assured that all you’ll ever be charged is the diagnostic and repair time. No travel time or truck charge*. No parts pick up time (if needed). No service call gimmick.  Our rates are very competitive and our service is next to none. Because of our continuous training and the latest equipment, we can diagnose and repair your issue in an acceptable time. Call us, write us, email us and experience the One Stop Mechanical difference for yourself. We service all makes and models.


* Excessive mileage/time may result in an added charge.


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