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Pool heater season is around the corner.

Pool heater season is around the corner.


Spring is around the corner; warm weather will get us outside and once again we will open our pools, or get ready for that new pool install.

Is this the year that you have decided to add a heater to your pool?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a pool heater. What kind do I buy; Gas, Electric, Solar. How long do I want my pool season to be? What does it cost to run? Which heater is better? Outside vs. inside. Saltwater pool vs. chemical pool.

A gas heater is by far the fastest and most reliable source of heating your pool, extending your pool season the longest! Solar usually roof mounted, effects roof shingle life! Electric Heat pump, low heat value, very expensive to operate!

Heater sizes vary and range from 100000 Btu for small pools to 400000 Btu and up for larger residential pools and gas consumption increases by size.  We can help you choose one that will satisfy your individual needs.

Did you know that when replacing your old pool heater with a bigger one could actually save you money on your gas bill? Contact us and we will tell you how.

At One Stop Mechanical, we prefer the Raypak digital pool heater. The Raypak digital is extremely easy to operate it has a digital display (no guess work setting temperature), auto start (no lighting pilot), self-diagnostic, condensation free operation (built in thermostat), stainless steel burners, hooks up right or left, available with heavy duty ‘cupro nickel heat exchanger’.  Looking for a different heater? No problem we have a variety of brands to offer.

At One Stop Mechanical, we can help you pick the right pool heater for your pool. We do it all from plumbing to gas hookup to electrical, all done by code and local bylaw!




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