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What pool heater to buy?

What pool heater to buy?


What pool heater to buy?

With so many pool heating products on the market, most pool owners rely on the pool store to help them with their choice. Unfortunately, many pool builders and pool supply stores, have few people who understand the actual workings and performance of a typical pool heater. So, what should you consider when buying a heater?

What do I want the heater to do?

If you want it to make the water warmer during the summer months, you could consider roof mounted solar panels. With this system, water is diverted up to the roof and circulates thru channels picking up solar heat and returning water back to the pool. This works great when weather is warm. A disadvantage is, it could speed up roof deterioration. The next option would be electric heat pump, due to electric being expensive. This is mostly used in country when gas is not available.

Your #1 choice should be GAS!

Natural or Propane gas for the country or rural area, where no natural gas is available.
What about: price, name, brand, size, digital vs. analog standing pilot vs. electronic ignition.

We recommend the Raypak digital pool heater, this heater will give you many great pool seasons.

Stay tuned for our next article were we will compare and talk about heaters and their differences.

One Stop Mechanical wishes everybody a safe summer with lots of splash !
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